HUG/Charlotte Community ToolBank Micro-Grant Application

This is an application to be considered for a $300 12-Month Credit to the Charlotte Community ToolBank. This credit translates into $10,000 real world value in tool and equipment rentals. A free ToolBank membership is required for those awarded this HUG.

The $300 offered by this credit is available to charitable organizations working on projects in Mecklenburg county. Only charitable organizations are eligible to apply for this grant. Examples of groups qualified to apply are:

  • Nonprofit/Charitable/Tax exempt organizations
  • Schools and PTAs/PTOs
  • Neighborhood associations
  • Faith-based groups
  • Civic organizations
  • Government agencies

A 501(c)3 tax exempt determination letter is not a requirement.

Individuals applying must be able to provide proof that they are working with an organization that matches the description above.

This program is a collaboration between Charlotte Is Creative and the Charlotte Community ToolBank. It is powered by a grant from the LendingTree Foundation.

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On behalf of which organization are you applying? *

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Have you received a HUG grant before? *

Have you worked with the Charlotte Community ToolBank before? *

Is your organization connected to creative community in Charlotte? If so, how? If not, are you open to it? *

In 100 words or less, tell us how you anticipate using your credit with the Charlotte Community Tool Bank over the course of the next 12 months? *